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Institute for Rehabilitation and Integration of Sight Impaired Individuals (IRIS)

Marschnerstraße 26
22081 Hamburg – Germany
Phone : 0049-402293026
Director : Karen Finke
E-mail : finke@iris-hamburg.org
Website : www.iris-hamburg.org

The association IRIS was founded in 1979 in Hamburg (Germany) by Pamela and Dennis Cory. Its purpose is to offer help for self-help to people who are blind or low vision. During individual trainings, given by qualified teachers, the trainees get the possibility to develop skills and strategies to manage daily life activities.

By training their orientation and mobility and by a specific way of imparting living skills, blind or partially sighted people experience a high level of personal liberty of action, a gain of independence and a consolidation of self-esteem./p>

Since 1980 IRIS has offered further professional education in Hamburg to become a teacher of rehabilitation for blind and partially sighted people. 300 students have been qualified until today. The qualifications are recognized. They are required in order to bill the health and care insurance providers for the training costs.

In 2007 IRIS was certified by the “Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.” as an institution of further professional education.

IRIS presently offers two courses of further professional education:

  • Rehabilitation Teacher for blind and low vision Individuals of Orientation and Mobility
    (full-time: 46 weeks / 2133 lessons of 45 minutes - including personal preparation and post processing)
  • Rehabilitation Teacher for blind and low vision Individuals of Activities of Daily Living and Communication Skills
    (in modules: 1560 lessons of 45 minutes – without personal preparation and post processing - subdivided into 9 sessions of several weeks each)