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EOM ADL Network

Association des Instructeurs de Locomotion pour personnes Déficientes Visuelles (AILDV)

Hôtel Municipal - Boite 28
7, rue Major Martin
69000 Lyon - France
E-mail : contact@aildv.fr
Website : www.aildv.fr

AILDV is an association. It gathers nearly 100 OM instructors throughout France. These professionals work in different rehabilitation services. These dedicated professionals work with infants, children, and adults who have visual impairments to help them adapt to and navigate through their environment using their remaining senses.

The association’s aims are :

  • Communication on the possibilities in the field of mobility
  • Upgrade the training of the OM instructors
  • Help organizations and governments make environments safer for and more accommodating to people with visual impairments
  • Recognition of the common professional basis and degree acknowledgement

The association has worked with the FAF for the national recognition and certification of the OM instructors. It will bring their expertise in the field of OM, and will also relay to the professional networks and users.