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EOM ADL Network

The EOM ADL Network project

The quality of the rehabilitation of visually impaired people depends on the quality of training professionals. The two jobs for Rehabilitation and support are Orientation and Mobility Instructor (OM) and Instructor in Autonomy Daily life (ADL). While the needs are the same in each country (acquisition by a visually impaired independent mobility and activities of daily living), job content, training in these trades are very different today in Europe.

Issues are important today, as there are many challenges :

  • Changing needs, the society in which we are living is rapidly and constantly changing: modes of travel, modes of communication, lifestyles, ... And the advent of streetcars, electric cars, shared spaces pedestrian / car ... are many new dangers for people with reduced mobility, and even more for the visually impaired.
  • Tools for changing compensation: cane development, electronic tags sound ...
  • Regulations to confirm and strengthen it is so difficult to reach to the regulations, the application of these texts and the realities in the street
  • Training to defend, because the professionalism of both OM or ADL has to be large, to ensure that is the best accompaniment for the visually impaired.

The project EOM-ADL network therefore aims to validate all of these new requirements, a multi-stakeholder approach (users, professional reception services, administration, training centers, ...), then a business approach, to ensure full transparency of qualifications.
And at last the project aims to develop the international geographical mobility of the trainees and the mobility between operators in each country or region.